John R. Johnson: Senior Technical Manager. A problem solver technical integrator of diverse technologies operating a creative team as a systems integrator. He was CEO of an innovative construction company. Served as consultant in industrial automation and robotics. assisted design of automatic control systems in industrial applications for chemical plants, breweries, and automobile production. Taught industrial automation and computer design at SUIC and has an international reputation for industrial automation and control. Designed modular dwelling units. Was Director of research for medical electronics company. Currently responsible for computer networking and internetworking at SIUC. Engineering degree University Minnesota, MA Economics, completed course work PhD SIUC.

Dr. Sam Ming-San Chen: though not a Board Member, is an important team member because of his in-depth experience, analytical ability, ability to create new concepts in new fields where no ready solution is available, and expertise in aerospace, electrical, mechanical, computer science, and chemical engineering. He was Technical Leader, Systems Engineering Sky Station International, and Globalstar satellite based mobile communication system. His Doctorate is in Applied Mathematics.

R. Theodor Kusiolek: CEO Transglobalnet Inc. He served as Managing Service Director (2000) for Exodus Communications an ASP/ISP providing complex Internet hosting and value added services. He was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the Sustainable Business Institute as a Wireless Internet/telecommunications network architect dealing with business and government officials in the Peoples Republic of China. Theo was Project Chairman for a $12 Billion Y2K Software Consortium and recently published his vision of an Internet SpaceNet for MPEG-4 wireless multimedia transmission in the emerging markets NBC will air "Destination Mir" in 2001. As President for TGN Associates International for 9 years he specialized in Product Launch Marketing Management and Relationship Marketing with technical expertise in Microelectronics, PCMCA wireless devices, client server networking, Microwave Wireless Telecommunications and Broadband technologies. He was President of a venture start-up for real time wireless video on demand broadband local and a wide area network company specializing in medical diagnostics and educational applications. This enterprise was sponsored by the Clinton Administration's Advanced Technology Program in 1994. This was the catalyst for many initiatives that enhanced the Information Highway. He participated in the Silicon Valley's Space/Defence Consortium, the Wireless Alliance, and the Canadian Ministries Inter-Regional Collaboration on telecommunications technology. Theo has served as an officer/manager for Textron, Wynn's International, Primark, Minneapolis Honeywell, Cassidy Computer, and Marc Software International. His degrees are from Northern Illinois University (BS) and California State University San Francisco (MBA). He also serves as Adjunct Professsor Graduate School of Business at San Jose, Hayward, and San Francisco State Universities. He has published widely in his varied fields of expertise.
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