Leslie Dean Price
Chairman and Director
Equitech International, LLC. (EI,

Poet, Fine Artist, Musician, Sculptor, Inventor, Architect

Brief Background:  Chairman, Equitech International, LLC              11/17/06

  1. Poet: He has been writing unpublished poetry since 8, or 72 years. He writes continuously as poetry is as a second language. He has experimented with all forms of formal & inventive new meters. He reads many poets. Since his Welsh genes invade, he was addicted to the Welsh /English Poets, especially Dylan Thomas. He is an Intellectual Mormon writing poems including his Mormon experiences. His Grandmother is same lineage as Brigham Young and Joseph Smith Jr. Has fierce private independence. He is an INTJ Introvert Psychological Type/Briggs-Myers. He has reams of unpublished Poetry, in Contemporary, Classic Forms, Anthologies “Fragments from Bar Rags” and “Pursuing Venus”.
  2. Fine Artist: Since age 8 he has been drawing and painting in oils, water color, and acrylic. He has not exhibited. Sold 2 out of about 80 paintings in storage. One was a small portrait of Rev. President Robert J, Henle of Georgetown University, commissioned by a Foundation, and was appraised 1976 at $1,500, owned by the University. The second is a Utah Mountain landscape in oil for $3,600. Two portraits have been appraised by Adam Weschler DC Art Appraisers in the $7,500-$10,000 level. He produces about 2 or 3 Paintings a year. Prefers his version of Andrew Wyeth’s immersion in “God’s in the details”.
  3. Musician: Since age 8, he has practiced/played almost daily his cornet, except in combat infantry in Europe WWII. They played in school, concertized, competed, marched, and sat in orchestras. Repertoire is modern classics, and largely baro-que. Studied with Fay Seeger Hansen, a Master Student of Herbert L. Clarke.
  4. Sculptor: He started this at the University of California Berkeley School of Architecture under Prof. Jacques Schnier. Medium terra cotta. Enamored of Maybeck’s Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco clay sculptures, works largely in clay, but has developed a new clay mode of flight. Worked in metal, His current work is a large series “celebration of the dance”, particularly ballet. He has never exhibited . He designed architectural cast stone sculpture for his churches.
  5. Inventor: He is inventor in the field of advanced renewable energy systems complex waste-to-total energy solar methanol fuel cell regeneration systems ap-plied to land based and Marine Facilities with Sea Biomass-Pollution Manage-ment Systems US 11/166,930 to be published 1/25/07 , (Price, Galloway, Perk). Basic Patent: US No. 6,308,465, B1 Oct. 30, 2001 (Galloway and Price). Father US Patent (Tindal) No 3, 670,764 6/20/72. Energy only by waste & Sun. Pilot ARE Power Plant ’07 @ 7.5MW $55 Million Grant through Dag Hammarsjkold Memorial Fund of the United Nations to implement the patents for a University.
Architect AIA AUA (Emeritus): 18 years President Dean Price, AIA Architect & Associates, San Jose, Washington, DC. Schools, Churches, Commercial, and Hospitals (Awards, National First Place AIA). 2 yrs. Aerospace Supervisor Advanced Technology, Autonetics. 31 years as Georgetown University Architect & Counselor to the President. Awards: Presidential Medal, Citations. Developed First and largest 300kW Solar Building 1983; first Clean Coal Plant 1979. Developed Master Plans; Transportation Systems; Co-founder with Sam Romano, Advanced Vehicle Dept. First liquid fueled 30’ HD Fuel Cell Bus 1994.
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