Accept the Buckminster Fuller Challenge:

How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone? Bucky urged converting from killingry to livingry to do this. 


Create modular quick response complete working marine Renewable Energy Assets as “Flotilla Teams” assigned to various zones around the world, supported by the countries comprising the zone, able to provide full response to natural and terrorist disasters and to deliver clean water, premium power, oxygen, medical support, renewable energy fuels, shelters, permanent housing, food, agricultural support, and other life support products. Additionally these Flotilla Teams will continue to deliver and open Renewable Energy Sea Ports with Green Research RE components for Manufacturing and export owned by the citizens of each country. These Flotilla Teams will enjoy a world-wide commun-ications early warning system with command and control by an International non-political Professional independent body assigned through the United Nations, coordinated with NGO’s, FEMA, NHS, other Country assets, and world organizations, as a disaster and continuous delivery system in a continuous assault on world poverty. Teams are composed of 5 functional Modules each. Flotilla Teams, in coordination, can be implementers for industry. An initiative to be sponsored by the United Nations, The International Peace Center Group of Oklahoma City, and the Native American Leadership Alliance for Reconciliation and Peace of Native Tribes Executive Council assisted by the Cheyenne/Arapahoe Nation Leadership, modeling the various Renewable Energy modules for export/replication are party to this. A Letter of Intent has been executed with Quantum Industries International, Inc (has been associated money manager Dag Hammasjkold Memorial Fund of UN). The strategy also includes developed regular UN and Nation’s Disaster relief land assets of the world in coordination.


EI’s fundamental Business Plan is initially to execute its Land Models on specific sites as Advanced Renewable Energy power Plants of 7.5 MW (E-Macrosystems 1MW and above) with an Industrial Manufacturing Facility for Renewable Energy Components for export for both E-Macrosystems and E-Microsystems (100 kW to 950 kW). These are all stand alone systems operating only wherever waste exists and the sun shines. These E-Macrosystems provide estimated simple payback in about 1.75–3 years with about $30 Million net/yr, due to the very valuable by-product sales in addition to premium power as clean non-polluting systems achieved without incineration or particulates. Modularized varied applications of this technology descriptions are provided below.



The important aspects: A. The Vision is big and International beginning with the leader-ship of the United States and ending with full developing allies in a vastly improved foreign policy dealing with common shared human needs. B. It is pervasive and affects all Countries. C. It follows existing Mandates of the United Nations eg. “The Decade of Saving the Children” as endorsed by 8 Nobel Laureates. D. It is International Peace Centers driven with Economic and Social Justice components attached to Known Real Modular Renewable Energy Systems based solely upon Complex/Waste and the Sun as Energy Sources avoiding oil and its family of fuels entirely. E. The approach is Modular in dealing with the technologies. F. We are implementing known advanced technologies with existing proofs-of-Concepts $54 Million over 8 years by a very prestigious Consort-ium created by NASA/JPL and Georgetown University, with another large Commercial Enterprise. Destruction/conversion of waste is achieved by high temperature non-incineration without pollutants. G. All patents, licenses, permits, intellectual properties, technologies required etc. and spread through many US Sister Companies across the US, specializing in Renewable Energy Systems, materials and devices are immediately available for this implementation. H. Advanced analytical systems are applied, especially to 21st Century Materials that follow Nature’s reckoning of values aside from dollars and with the Odum process of a “Prosperous Way Down” (Drs. Howard T. and Elizabeth C. Odum ,University Press of Colorado 2001) from the oil systems conversion to Renewable Energy needed well within the next 30 years when oil is gone. I. This Vision covers simultaneously Terrorist or Natural Disaster Relief services of all types and regular commerce world-wide.




Since most countries of the world can be accessed from the sea or navigable rivers it is an excellent strategy to make BMM 1 a basic beginning Marine Vessel Module. Land locked countries would be provided land-based RE Systems. This system is based upon the conversion (or new construction preferably using our advanced 21st Century material TCM) of a typical Super Oil Tanker, 1,230 ft. long, by 203 ft. wide and converted to the various modules described below. It is at once a floating Renewable Energy (RE) Power Plant with a higher speed capability over normal due to its Higher Power 20-30 Megawatts. (Example of scale: a 15 MW Power Plant handles a 12,000 student complete University with a large Medical Center with over 5 million gsf.) The Modules fuel capability is of 3 types for its Power System, all fuels are interchangeable and created and stored on board. This Ship harvests Biomass from the sea as it sails for conversion to power System fuels, pure distilled water, medical oxygen. It stores these life support products on board for export, and disaster services applications. It can suck up toxic fluids and convert them to clean elements and fuels for its Power System. As a floating RE Power Plant it can provide immediate power to the stricken site in a variety of forms. All Modules have this capability. In the case of the New Orleans Disaster it could have taken up this putrid toxic water and processed it on the spot. Several Sister Modules side by side would have taken this mess on and processed for clean water for service to the site as well as deliver pure water from its storage system. By this Team, evacuees can be housed immediately in safety and with full amenities by on-board hotel cabins without needing to travel. All Modules have Heliport facilities.


The volume of each of the Marine Modules for different functional configurations minimally is 15,120,000 cu. ft. on a foot print of 900x200 or 180,000 sq.ft. As a Container Ship it could carry nearly 3,000 containers. In its Disaster Services mode it could carry the equivalent loads in food, rescue equipment, small search craft etc. in coordination with FEMA, the US Coast Guard, Military and other local government and national relief agencies. This Ship can also carry a complete set up for 7.5 MW RE Power Plant (Land Module described below) as a Port Facility of 105,800 sq.ft. as a permanent facility as required. See excerpt from EI Business Plan regarding Sea Port marketing entries Africa and the Caribbean examples when requested of EI.



This Module has the same basic Ship Type Vessel as BMM 1, ie. Super Oil Tanker hull configured the same as above, but with the volume and footprint configured into a complete level of Medical Clinic/Hospital (MASH Unit) Radiation/Biohazard units with permanent medical beds above and triaged Evacuee rooms above on multiple 10 ft, hotel levels. Its hold can carry large medical supplies. This module again produces its own life support products including medical oxygen and 3 interchangeable fuels for its RE Power Plant on board. It too can suck up toxic waste and convert it in parallel with BMM 1. It also has the capability of harvesting biomass from the sea for fuel and life support prod-ucts source. This provides support/delivery system for WHO, HOPE, Doctors Without Borders, The UN’s Missions in Saving the Children and Disaster Relief, other NGO’



This Module has the same basic Ship Type Vessel as BMM 1, ie. Super Oil Tanker hull configured the same as above, but with the volume and footprint configured into a Fire and Rescue Command Ship with communications nerve center directing all operative modules ln coordinating the Disaster Relief. It carries small high speed fire and rescue craft deployed as required. This module contains uninjured Evacuee hotel rooms as well. This ship bears the same functional systems as the others



This is the complete Engineering Support Module based on the same basic Ship Type Vessel as BMM 1. It carries and deploys small craft, inflatable barges, flotation devices, heavy equipment, electrical repair systems. It provides TCM materials, storage, and facilities manufacturing with delivery of rapid temporary survival shelters (with energy systems) and permanent facilities manufacturing with robotic systems.

An important strategic value in a disaster is the immediate deployability of massive assets to almost any site accessed by the sea. Mass exodus is considerably a reduced problem.



This Module of the Fleet supplies the all around Security for the Flotilla Team. Its suggested make-up is to be staffed by the Zones Country(ies) as trained professionals and sponsored by the UN and/or other established accepted legal entity. It carries all necessary police and military support systems, as well as providing additional hotel cabins for rescue needs. It functions in coordination with the command and control Module. Based upon BMM 1 chassis and power system and storages it can perform in sync with all other Team Modules. It also has attack/rescue heliport capability.



Renewable Energy Flotilla Teams are capable of alternate dockings at existing Sea Ports, such as Stockhlom, Lulea, Goeteborg, Bergen, Trondheim, Murmansk, Archangel etc, or Anchorage, or Prudhoe bay etc, where they can receive all sorts of waste that can not ever be buried forever in permafrost before incineration. These Modules can fill up many times before, during, and after the freezing Seasons to advantage.

Low Lands, as in Holland, have a difficult time in securing stable foundations due to water soaked soils. These Teams can provide many benefits to the Low Lands, even as a fixed ship in location, as it will not sink.



These are 7.5 MW Renewable Energy (RE) Power Plant Green Research Laboratory Manufacturing for export Modules that produce valuable by-products. Placed in tank farms these products are utilized for local and Flotilla Team usage. The Marine Modules are kept filled with biomass (and with solar applications) as well as clean water, Renewable Energy Fuels for powering the ships for Zone distribution. The Flotilla Teams are able to deliver and set up these Sea Ports. These Sea Ports manufacture and export RE stand-alone Microsystems for housing, new towns, small facilities, 50 Apartments, small buildings, etc. The Flotillas are nurtured by the RE Sea Port’s supplies.The Ports are designed per the National Science Foundation’s “The Fourth Dimension in Building: Strategies for Minimizing Obsolescence” published by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences Press 1993 (the writer was a contributing member). One may nearly double the occupancy in the first footprint of the facility removable non-bearing exterior walls.



These new stand alone new towns, say, on 1,000 Acres can be delivered to the RE Sea Ports for overland distribution and erection both from the Team Modules but also the Ports and as supported from other Ports. The Microsystems are all modularized for the varied purposes. This is akin to the old “Garden City Movement” of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, as well as English Village Planning controlling Urban Sprawl. These RE New Towns provide their own controlled industrial base and are connected to other towns by Mass Transit Systems and major highways with power supplied from the towns RE Power Systems. Cars are housed at the perimeter, not allowed tn the town, only 12ft. paths instead of roads for pedestrians, bicycles, and segway type vehicles. Each town is complete with the various level schools and Community College along with Village Green Centers and Commercial Shopping Mall and small scale village surface stores. All housing and businesses have stand alone self-sufficient RE Miccrosystems. The RE multi-MW Power Plant and Manufacturing park is a Merchant facility bringing wealth and jobs to the Community. The town is entirely walkable within 1,000 Acres of Land.



Multi-Cultural, Ecumenical, Multi-National International, Memorials and High Institutes for Peace Education, are noble elegant Multi-Ethnic facilities are to be replicated at significant population centers as in the process of establishment at Oklahoma City by the Oklahoma City International Peace Center Group and National Model aided by the Native American Alliance for Recociliation, Executive Council, assisted by The Cheyenne/Arapahoe Nation also in RE Modules pilot models development. These elegant Memorial facilities are Solar RE Domes, and celebrate all universal humanity in its search for Peace fulfilling the United Nations established decade for saving the children. It is one central noble Memorial where one can see and celebrate all mankind. This allows all peoples to witness the anatomy of Peace and how to achieve it by aesthetic memorial meditative example and education. Economic and Social Justice technologies go hand in hand with this system as an integral part of the High Institute for Peace Education. A major player is the World Institute for Peace, President Antonio Betancourt and Chief Executive Marketing Officer, Member for Equitech International, LLC.



The EI Chairman with Samuel Romano were the founders of the Advanced Vehicle Department of Georgetown University more than 20 years ago (1983). The Advanced Vehicle Department directed by Jim Larkins still develops Heavy Duty Fuel Cell Buses (30 & 40 ft.) for FTA. The first 30 ft. HD Fuel Cell Bus was delivered April 14, 1994. This was the first liquid fueled system of methanol and water for hydrogen production on board. A light weight fuel cell is in development. EI encourages development and deployment of these systems. The EI Modular Mobil Medical Clinic is especially important to expand the range of EI designed Medical Stand Alone Clinics providing RE fuel from the Clinic itself. A 400 mile radius of operations, as an extension of its Modular Renewable Energy Program for Mobile Clinics which are in themselves small fuel cell power sources while stopped at any site.. E-Micro/Macrosystems are “E” for Equitech..

FUEL CELL Vehicles can be configured into Mass Transit Systems operating on rails or on dedicated roadways and fueled from the RE E-Macrosystems employed with 400 mile distances and then refueled with constant refueling on board to the distances required. Speeds dependent upon FC Power Plant Design sizes are more than adequate for normal services. Lower costs are achieved in installation and operating than fixed hot third rail systems and more environmentally friendly unless fueled from RE Modular Power Systems. Regular Metro three rail systems with standard cars can be configured econom-ically with RE E-Macrosysytems supplying the premium power for the system. This is envisioned for service for the 25,000 population New Towns.


By only serious recipients interested in utilizing these technologies for given intended projects by initially signing two Agreements. First: A Confidentiality Agreement with Equitech International, LLC; Second: A Non Disclosure Agreement with Intellergy Corp. simultaneously.


Leslie Dean Price
Architect AIA AUA Emeritus Chairman


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